Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Check out this Bloomberg piece describing the impact Denver's international airport has had on the local and state economy. While it was originally called a "boondoggle" by critics - which included the chairman of American Airlines and future Fox News head Roger Ailes, then a Republican media consultant - the voters of Denver approved a bond measure to fund the construction of the airport in 1989.

Not only has the airport become "the linchpin of Colorado's transition to a global 21st-century economy flush with high-paying jobs" but dependence on extractive industries like materials and energy (including mining) is a thing of the past.

Denver's experience is a lesson our GOP led Congress should have learned from a long time ago. Unfortunately, as I've pointed out before (herehere, here, and here), our "Just Say No" Republican dominated Congress would rather see President Obama fail, and watch our nation suffer, than see their failed ideology proven wrong (again) by the regenerative powers of job producing infrastructure investments.

- Mark

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