Thursday, July 14, 2016


After inheriting $200 million and stiffing his creditors by declaring bankruptcy 4 times you would think people would understand that Donald Trump is neither a self-made man, or a good businessman. He's a silver-spooned scam artist of the first order.   

Unfortunately for those who have had to work with Donald Trump, inheriting hundreds of millions and using our nation's bankruptcy laws to save himself from his own business incompetence wasn't enough. Trump has also resorted to effectively stealing money from legitimate small business owners.

There are literally hundreds of small businesses Donald Trump either has not paid or forced into accepting lower compensation through litigation for jobs they completed. Here's a "testimonial" clip from one of Trump's small business associates.

For those of you unclear on the concept, you can also click here and here to read about Trump scamming people who thought they were buying into a Trump condo resort in Mexico.

And let's not forget the "massive" Trump University scam, where the number one job of the instructors was to sell real estate programs and seminars, not teach.

And like the people Trump has scammed in the past, his supporters today are buying his snake oil today because "he's talking to us" ...

- Mark


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