Friday, October 16, 2015


Via Politics USA we learn that 99% of Bernie Sanders' donors can give again; and they can do it multiple times over if they give what they gave the first time.

Here is a statistic that strikes a blow against Citizens United and should worry the billionaire class who are attempting to purchase control of the United States government. Bernie Sanders raised $41.4 million, and 99% of his donors can give to his campaign again.

Here are the basic numbers from the Sanders campaign:
U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ raised $26.2 million during the third quarter of this year – all of it for use in primaries and caucuses – in a grassroots presidential campaign that has drawn 1.3 million small donations since it began. 
The average donation was $30 apiece. 
The campaign closed the books at the end of the Sept. 30 reporting period with almost $27.1 million in the bank after spending about $11.3 million, according to a report filed on Thursday with the Federal Election Commission. 
Since his White House bid was launched last April 30, Sanders has banked a total of about $41.4 million, according to the report. 
Only 270 of Sanders’ 650,000 donors gave the maximum $2,700 allowed.
That last sentence is what should scare the billionaires who are trying to buy the US government. Bernie Sanders was able to raise more money than every Republican presidential candidate, and he did it by not maxing out his donors. At thirty bucks a pop, his donors could give to him 90 times before they would max out and hit their contribution limit for the primary.


In a few words, after the first Democratic debate this week, Bernie Sanders is sitting in a pretty sweet spot.

- Mark 

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