Friday, August 28, 2015


The United Against Nuclear Iran group has just hired former Senator Joe Lieberman as its chairman. This would normally not be a story, especially since it's well known that Joe Lieberman turned against President Obama and the Democrats a long time ago.

The story here is that the UANI group had to hire Lieberman because their chair, Dr. Gary Samore, a scholar from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, decided to step down. Dr. Samore is walking away from the UANI group because - wait for it - he now supports President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran.

Let's reemphasize the point. The bi-partisan lobbying group that was created to oppose any nuclear deal made with Iran has hired another chairman because the former chair believes that President Obama has a good nuclear deal with Iran.

No doubt one of the reasons Dr. Samore walked away from the group is that he understands Iran already possesses the capacity (knowledge) to create nuclear energy and other materials. The reason they have this ability is - wait for it (again) - because we (the U.S.) got Iran started on their nuclear program back in the 1960s, and then really encouraged them to pursue their nuclear ambitions in the 1970s.


Our real goal today is to find ways to gauge and monitor what Iran is doing with their nuclear program, which the International Atomic Energy Agency can and has done on a regular basis around the world. In President Obama's nuclear deal the IAEA is charged with monitoring Iran's nuclear capacity, which Dr. Samore understands is our best shot at keeping tabs on Iran.

The fact that an acknowledged expert is being replaced with a political hack at the UANI says all we need to know about the their (and the right wing's) opposition to the Iranian nuclear deal.

- Mark

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