Friday, March 6, 2015


Injured workers suffer as 'reforms' limit workers' compensation benefits (NPR).

Climate change helped fuel the Syrian conflict, new paper finds (Huffington Post).

Gas industry's solution for toxic wastewater: spray it on icy roads (Newsweek).

The best explanation of redistricting (gerrymandering) you will ever see (Washington Post).

Behold, the bike cave (Ozy).

DEA warns of stoned rabbits if Utah passes medical marijuana (Washington Post).

Bank of Canada urges 'Star Trek' fans to stop 'Spocking' their fivers (Dangerous Minds).

And the Darwin Award goes to ... The drunk guy who let another drunk guy shoot a trash can off the top of his head. Oops (Addicting Info).

New map shows Koch's connection to Keystone (Nation of Change).

Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership rhetoric resembles Clinton's on NAFTA (Truth Out).

Dishonest White House attack on Sen. Warren (D-MA), who's exposing sham behind secret panel on trade deals (Truth Out). 

Despite FATC, U.S. companies stash $2.1 trillion abroad (Forbes).

More people have been killed in America by non-Islamic domestic terrorists than jihadists (Vice / Southern Poverty Law Center).

Incredible ... Texas lawmaker on his fifth marriage files complaint against judge over same-sex marriage (Daily Kos).

Chris Matthews livid after Netanyahu's speech: GOP assisted 'takeover attempt' by a foreign government (Raw Story).

Democrats on Netanyahu's speech: Bibi's never seen a war he doesn't want the U.S. to fight (Slate).

There it is ... Ted Cruz compares Obama to Neville Chamberlain and Iran to Germany (Slate).

Half of American voters think that inviting Israeli PM was a bad idea (Daily Mail).

Two Red States that embraced Obamacare have seen their uninsured rates plummet faster than anywhere (Huffington Post).

Obamacare sign-ups reach 6.4 million (Hufington Post).

GOP Gang of Supremes goes after Obamacare (Nation of Change).

In Ferguson, DOJ probe only confirms what community has long known (Nation of Change).

Bill O'Reilly's cavalcade of lies: A handy collection of the damage - so far (News Corpse).

California orders oil companies to stop drilling near drinking water supplies (Nation of Change).

Private prison companies foresee increased profits as ruling limits immigration detentions (Truth Out).

Department of Justice finds pervasive racial bias at Ferguson Police Department (Mother Jones).

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