Sunday, July 27, 2014


Currently there are 5 states working to make their kids as scientifically illiterate as possible by teaching Creationism. In the FYI category, Creationism attempts to explain the world from a biblical perspective, and it's not pretty. Among those who believe in Creationism is Ken Ham, who you can watch in in this incredibly disturbing clip.

According to Ken Ham, most of the dinosaurs died in The Great Flood about 6,000 years ago because they didn't make it on to Noah's Ark. The dinosaurs - who were vegetarians, mind you - were left to drown, while those who did make it on to Noah's Ark eventually became extinct. Ironically, Ham suggests the dinosaurs who did make it on to the Ark are no longer around because they couldn't adapt to the post-flood environment (does this make Ham an evolutionary creationist?).

Below we have six equally plausible dinosaur extinction "theories" that, if you ask me, have as much explanatory power as Ham's Ark Theory ...

THEORY #1: Absent Minded Dinosaurs

THEORY #2: Bad Habits

The Dinosaur Cancer Theory

THEORY #3: Climate Change + Walnut Sized Brains

THEORY #4: Malthusian Dinos - Dig Their Own Graves

THEORY #5: Scientology Dinos

THEORY #6: Noah-Dino Naval Warfare

I know, I know ...

Seriously, with so many people buying into Ham's version of life it's no wonder the U.S. is falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to science and math. We now have entire segments of our population willing to reject critical thinking and the scientific method, choosing instead to place their faith in fairy tales and charlatans like Ken Ham.

Worse, their outlandish assertions about history and science are accepted by millions of people, in spite of the fact that their belief system actually makes it possible for the true believers to think that Jesus could have been the original "Dinosaur Whisperer" (you know, before Fred Flintstone) ...

Cowboy Jesus tames dinosaurs during his 40 days in the wilderness ... 
It could have happened, right? 

Sigh ...

- Mark

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