Saturday, June 28, 2014

WEEKEND READING (June 28, 2014)

Iraq crisis: Key oil refinery seized by rebels (BBC News).

5 extreme acts of greed that screw the American people (Alternet).

Grazing on federal land, which was originally used help entice settlers westward, is now threatened because of drought (LA Times).

I told my biological dad goodbye - and it made all the difference (Salon).

Federal judge rules that no-fly list violates constitutional rights (Associated Press).

Cool. Type in "askew" on Google and see what happens (Google).

Supreme court justices earn quarter-million on the side from teaching gigs and book royalties (Center for Public Integrity).

Majority of Supreme Court members are millionaires (Center for Public Integrity).

Backing banks over borrowers, California judges often big stakeholders in big banks (Truth Out).

Mass graves filled with remains of immigrants found in Texas (Russian Times).

The militarization of our police departments (Nation of Change).

RANT: Your messed up Christian tradition is fetishizing little girls (Blue Nation Review).

Tea party groups and the NRA get a pass, but the IRS says this liberal group is too political for 'social welfare' status (Center for Public Integrity).

North Korea threatens the U.S. with war over the release of an action-comedy movie (trailer here) about their "beloved" leader Kim Jong-un (BBC News).

North Korea calls action-comedy movie about Kim Jong-un an 'act of war' (CTV News).

10 primitive forms of birth control you don't want to try (Answers).

Veterans and Zombies ... The hype behind the health care scandal (NY Times / Paul Krugman).

Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa 'out of control' (CNN Health).

Here's an idea. To fix VA wait times hire more staff (Truth Out).

These maps show many hot days you will suffer when you get old (Mother Jones).

Rand Paul: Republicans are too eager for war (Mother Jones).

This is what happens when a campaign finance scholar runs for governor (Washington Post).

America's faith in news media at an all time low (Al Jazeera).

Hate summer? Just wait until global warming really kicks in (Truth Out).

Is this Congress' most awkward moment, ever (Blue Nation Review)?

It appears that Abraham Lincoln was a liberal (Blue Nation Review).

A word on voter fraud (MSNBC).

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