Tuesday, September 17, 2013


PBS will air a six hour documentary on Latino Americans starting tonight, September 17th, at 8 pm EST. Here's the promo for the PBS documentary:

Immigration is at the heart of the American experience, and a central part of the long-running democratic experiment that is the United States. So it is that our series intersects much that is central to the history of the United States. The story includes expansionism, Manifest Destiny, the Wild West, multiple wars (Mexican-American, Spanish-American, World War II), the rise of organized labor, the Great Depression, the post WWII boom, the Cold War, the Civil Rights movement, globalization, and the effects of multiple kinds of technologies – from the railroad and barbed wire to the internet and satellite television.

Be sure to watch. The PBS timeline and history promises to be both informative and eye opening for many, as these short stories of Macario Garcia and Hector Garcia demonstrate.

- Mark 

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