Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Texas is editing science out of our textbooks (Salon).

 Be sure to click on both links because these people are idiots (Think Progress / Addicting Information).

The top 1 percent played the Tea Party for suckers (Salon).

Brutal obituary reminds all to be good to their children (Buzzfeed).

A decade of flat wages (Economic Policy Institute).

Health / Science
Meat inspector: "We are no longer in charge of safety" ... chunks of feces is now making its way through flawed meat inspection program (Salon).

USDA to allow China to process chickens, and ship back to the U.S.A. (Yahoo).

Half of all antibiotics in China go to livestock, who are now developing antibiotic resistant genes (Mother Jones).

How Right-Wing regligious communities give measles a chance to spread (Think Progress).

Suicide rate for veterans far exceeds that of civilian population (Center for Public Integrity).

These 6 corporations control 90 percent of the media in America (Business Insider).

How anti-intellectualism in the media has created "multiple dead zones of the imagination" so that critical thought has been crowded out by "a cesspool of conformity" (Truth Out).

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