Saturday, July 27, 2013


Ohio Bank targets wrong house in foreclosure case, seizes property, now won't replace what they took (10tv).

Detroit is not alone, several other U.S. cities have also gone bankrupt (Washington Post).

Things that make you go "Hmmm" ... The unions didn't bankrupt Detroit, the once great American cars did (Forbes).

Do you have friends who like to complain that "half the American population doesn't pay federal income taxes"? Here are some fun facts on who doesn't pay taxes (and why) for the knuckle headed friends who don't really understand the tax issue ... (Washington Post).


The next Enron? JP Morgan manipulating energy prices (Occupy Democrats).

The insanity of not having a financial transaction tax for Wall Street (The Contributor).

Five absurd reasons why America doesn't tax Wall Street's transactions (AlterNet).

In a survey Wall Street insiders say that breaking the law, screwing your clients, and covering up crimes is a way of life on Wall Street (AlterNet).


When the ridiculous becomes the absurd ... In response to a FOIA request the NSA says they don't have the technology to monitor their own e-mails, (ProPublica).

If you want to travel by air your individual rights are now for sale (RT).

No warrant? No problem. How the government can get your digital data (ProPublica).

Artist Robert Shetterly portrays NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden in historic light (Common Dreams).


Climate of fear ... reporter blows the whistle on Reuters news agency hostility to covering climate change (Common Dreams).

Teen pregnancy rates drops by 60% in California, and in other parts of the nation, but remain stubbornly high in - you guessed it - the moral crusading, anti-science south (Think Progress).

Former President Jimmy Carter trashes Citizens United decision as "legal bribery of candidates" (Occupy Democrats).

How the economy is doing in 11 charts (Washington Post).

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