Saturday, May 11, 2013


Bush cancels trip to Europe amid calls for his arrest (Salon).

Only in America ... One hospital charges $8,000 another charges $38,000, for the same thing (Truthout).

Use these (once) secret NSA Google search tips to become your own spy agency (Wired).

Chicken vs. Egg moment. The National Security Agency mimicks Google, which pisses off the U.S. Senate because they're doing something the private sector is already doing (Wired)  Hmmm ... didn't the federal government invent the internet and essentially give it all away, which made Google possible?

Monsanto, the court and the seeds of dissent ... Should Monsanto have the rights to a self-replicating natural product? (LA Times).

What presidential wannabes (and one president) owe their creditors (Center for Public Integrity).

How Wall Street de-fanged Dodd-Frank (The Nation).

Let's remake the Federal Reserve, build public banks and opt out of Wall Street (Truthout).

A rise in wealth for the wealthy, declines for the lower 93% (Pew Research).

Can U.S. banks use your deposits - in Cyprus-like fashion - to bail themselves out (so-called "bail-ins") after the next market collapse? According to these guys, the answer is yes (It's Our Economy).

Five scandals that made JPMorgan Wall Street's worst villain (Money Morning).

Yet another price rigging scheme that's set to become the next Wall Street mega scandal (Money Morning) ... Yawn.

America's incredible shrinking dollar (Gold Standard 2013).

Secrecy for Sale ... Inside the global offshore money maze (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists).

Release of offshore records draws worldwide response (Center for Public Integrity).

Check out who's hiding $32 trillion in offshore accounts (Money Morning).

Are the big banks committed to fighting the flow of dirty money? Apparently not (The Center for Public Integrity).

Authorities announce tax haven investigation (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists).

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