Saturday, April 7, 2012


Get government off my back? Hardly (as I've pointed out previously). Check out what this republican business owner thinks of government supported Ex-Im Bank lending programs ...

“There’s not a bank in the United States that’s going to loan money to that customer of mine in Argentina to buy my airplane,” said David Ickert, vice president of finance at Air Tractor, which makes crop-dusting and firefighting airplanes in Olney, Tex. “There is not a free-market system that operates like that. It does not exist. We need the Ex-Im Bank, period.”

Long story short? Industry, Wall Street and all types of business owners work the system in order to make an extra buck. From subsidies to favorable legislation and bailouts, they all work to sustain our "free market" system. Getting certified as a certain type of business helps too. Here's a partial list of what helps qualify you as a small businesses, which are necessary for government subsidies.

Read what other private sector republicans really think of government assistance, when it comes to their business interests, here.

- Mark


Jeff said...

What, no mention of Solyndra? I bet if you add up all the subsidies, that were not listed in this article, they won't add up to the total tax dollars flushed down that toilet. I'm with you let's end all government gifts to businesses and unions. Didn't we spend billions to bailout GM at the expense of the shareholders?

R. M. said...

The JOBS Act Obama just signed doesn't help the situation. Wall Street is simply getting away with more. Having Eric Cantor stand behind the president as he signs the act tells me the act is no good. Rolling Stone wrote a good article on the act. My favorite part was the analogy the author gave:

SILICON VALLEY EXECUTIVE: Listen, is the hottest thing on the internet. We're so huge it hurts... I can't even walk to my corner bodega without women throwing me their phone numbers!

INVESTOR: I'd love to invest. Can I see your numbers from last year?

SILICON VALLEY EXECUTIVE: Well, that's just the thing. We painted the bathrooms last March, and then we also had that Vitamin Water machine put in the lounge. You know, the one next to the ping-pong table? So we just didn't have any money left over for an accountant. But I estimate our revenues for 2014 to be $4.2 billion.

INVESTOR: Sounds hot! Where do I send the check?

Read more:

R. M. said...

Rolling Stone mentions how the JOBS Act is only helping Wall Street. Personally, any act being signed with Eric Cantor standing behind the president is a bad act.