Thursday, June 30, 2011


You can find my most recent article on GOP budget myths - "GOP still peddling budget myths" - in the Bakersfield Californian here.

I'll post the entire piece, with pictures, at a later date.

- Mark


Landon said...

Were you to actually admit that you can "learn" anything outside your pre-concieved "static econometric analyses" metric, I would be happy to avail you of the state of the art in "dynamic econometric modeling" from the perspective of someone who has actually worked it in practice.

You are hopelessly and inexorably "tied" to the "static-statist" based 'luminaria' that $1 in tax cuts equates to $1 in increased deficit(s). I know this is "easy" for your primarily Poly-Sci mind to get its metaphorical 'arms' around (as well as your public school matriculated minions), but you really are glaringly deficient in your forms of analyses. It is embarrasingly laughable to those of us not "saddled" with said limitations.

Of course, not only will you 'respectfully' disagree with this, you most likely will not even "approve" of this addition to your forum ("open" blog). ;)

Landon said...

The Bubba Plan

Bll Clinton calls for corporate tax cut

ASPEN, Colo. —
President Bill Clinton says the nation’s corporate tax rate is “uncompetitive” and called for a lower rate as part of a “mega-deal” to raise the debt ceiling.

“When I was president, we raised the corporate income-tax rates on corporations that made over $10 million [a year],” the former president told the Aspen Ideas Festival on Saturday evening.

“It made sense when I did it.

It doesn’t make sense anymore — we’ve got an uncompetitive rate.
We tax at 35 percent of income, although we only take about 23 percent. So we should cut the rate to 25 percent, or whatever’s competitive, and eliminate a lot of the deductions so that we still get a fair amount, and there’s not so much variance in what the corporations pay." ~Bill Clinton