Thursday, May 26, 2011


With Memorial Day around the corner, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) introduced a bill today that would allow the immigrant parents, spouses and children of active duty military service members to gain legal status. The idea is that no soldier should fight for our country and then have to worry that their family will be deported.

With no Republicans signing up to support the bill the GOP is demonstrating, once again, that their support for families in general, and military families in specific, is really political theater. Menendez' bill is especially pertinent in light of MSNBC's recent Lean Forward ad campaign ...

The idea that a U.S. soldier can fight and die for America ...

... and then have their family deported after the fact is unconscionable.

- Mark

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Joseph said...

It is never about the American family for the GOP, or maybe it's about the elite Anglo-American family for them. The GOP will politic and position, but never do what is just, righteous and fair. The GOP will support troops as they fight, but vote and cut programs for veterans. This is unconceivable to me as well. The program, "Focus on the Family" by conservative James Dobson talks about the family, but never have they mentioned the immigrant families that are pulled from homes in middle of the night and put in detention centers. The US immigration policy is broken, even Rep Kevin McCarthy has admitted this. We have failed to bring just reform for families.
The bill proposed by Sen. Menendez is a good and just bill that rewards our men and women in uniform and their families, which are trapped in this broken immigration system. It is time for true immigration reform, not just politics by both sides of the aisle. It will take more than just a "No" on everything approach by GOP, and a speech by the President Obama at the El Paso border. We need true comprehensive immigration reform, especially for the families of our servicemen and women. We need political leaders with real courage to do the right thing.