Wednesday, May 18, 2011


In the "I told you so" department ...

Last month I posted on the "Ten Myths About Our Budget Mess (And Why the GOP Isn't Serious About Solving It)". In a few words I wrote that rather than pursuing a balanced approach, and going after wasteful corporate subsidies, write-offs, deductions and other unnecessary corporate welfare giveaways, that the Republicans simply wants to cut programs they don't like. Their budget priorities have nothing to do with saving money as much as it does with forcing their failed ideology down America's collective throat.

A political force-feeding, as it were ...

I wrote that it doesn't matter that we can find at least $1 trillion in savings by going after unnecessary tax breaks, subsidies, and deductions, the GOP simply is not serious about fixing our budget mess. Period.

Well, guess what? With a $1.5 trillion budget deficit staring us in the face the GOP voted yesterday to keep and extend billions in tax breaks for America's biggest oil companies - even though they're making record profits, and don't need them. 

Think about this the next time the GOP says they're serious about the deficit.

- Mark

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