Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The Rachel Maddow clip below makes it clear that what Republicans are up to is not about saving taxpayers money or balancing state budgets. Rather, under the pretext of a "fiscal emergency" the GOP wants to bust up unions (which challenge corporate America) and to turn public services over to private companies.

The goal of the GOP, after 30 years of financially starving the state with tax cuts for the rich, is to discredit the state and install what Naomi Klein calls a "corporate monopoly state."

In real simple terms, tax cuts have nothing to do with protecting "your money" or even good governance. These arguments are a ruse ... a Trojan Horse.

Instead, what the Republican Party has in mind is to continue collapsing the tax base with tax cuts, which makes their patrons wealthier, and creates the fiscal emergencies we're now seeing.

Let me repeat the point. The Republicans careful and patient race to the bottom strategy allows the GOP to claim that our cash-starved states don't work, while pushing for policies that replace state run services and institutions with privately managed services and contractors.

What we're seeing in Wisconsin is not about the budget. It never was.

- Mark

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