Friday, February 26, 2010


This Money Morning article is by far the best piece I have read about the "brokered deposits" and "hot money" pheonomenon that's challenging our banking and economic system. Simply put, the need to find higher yields with FDIC guaranteed deposits (which bank brokers do), coupled with the need of our biggest bank's to pad their books, helps to explain why bank loans to Main Street have collapsed (in spite of trillions in taxpayer dollars being thrown at the banks).

Students who have been in my American Politics class (and paid attention), and those who have followed this blog, will understand immediately the importance of our current brokered deposits situation. Brokered deposits help to explain why I believe we're gearing up for Round Two of our Economic Meltdown.

If you don't read anything else today read this article. And if you're inspired, you should read this piece from Zero Hedge, which explains how Bank of America is covering their losses with U.S. government guarantees.

- Mark

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