Friday, January 22, 2010


A couple of days I wrote that the Democrats needs to stop whining about not having enought votes when they have a 59-41 advantage in the Senate. Then I wrote that Dems need to grow a pair. Here's one path that explains how you do it.

Step 1 -- The Senate passes a "reconciliation" bill with the popular public option and other budget-related fixes to the original Senate bill on issues like the national exchange and excise tax. This takes only a simple majority.

Step 2 -- The House passes both the original Senate bill and final reconciliation bill back-to-back and sends them to the President.

Step 3 -- A signing ceremony takes place that Democrats and voters can be proud of.

I know. This kind of strategy is bold and will piss off the Republicans. My response is, So What. They've been angry (and hateful) for years.

Look, the Republicans could care less about working with President Obama. They also have no shame about how they left the country (and want to pursue the same deregulation/tax cuts for the rich policies again). And they definitely don't have any sense of responsibility about fixing what they broke under President Bush.

Instead, they're acting like the homeowner who set their own house on fire, then show up to complain to the Fire Department about the water damage ... and the fact that the house isn't rebuilt. Why President Obama still thinks he can work with them is beyond me. 

Read this, and then sign the petition.

- Mark

POSTSCRIPT: This is great. I guess there's more Dems out there who think like me on this.

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