Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sean Hannity's still a whiny coward.

He begins his interview with Jesse Ventura by trying to play nice with the former governor, softening him up with talk about surfing. Then Hannity says he doesn't want to go down the "old road" because he knows Ventura doesn't respect Bush or Cheney, so he asks "What do you think about Barack Obama?". He does this so he can talk about budget deficits and "teleprompters." Hannity then blames President Obama for what he inherited, and claims America is better off after the Bush years.

To his credit, Ventura kept Hannity on his heals by calling Hannity on his budget and teleprompter nonsense, among others. So what does Hannity do? He ends the interview by accusing Ventura of going down the "old road" because of how Ventura responded to Hannity's stupidity by pointing out that the Bush administration left President Obama an economic and military disaster - as if Ventura should have just let Hannity spout his ignorance without responding.

What a whiny coward.

- Mark

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