Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Via Dailykos, former Minnesota Governor and Navy SEAL Jesse Ventura has some blunt commentary about the previous White House and torture ...

In case you can't watch the full interview (but I suggest you do), here's a couple of Ventura's comments.

Ventura on Cheney avoiding service during the Vietnam War: "Clearly, he's a coward. He wouldn't go when it was his time to go."

Ventura on torture & waterboarding: "It's a good thing I'm not president ... I would prosecute every person involved in that torture. I would prosecute the people that did it. I would prosecute the people that ordered it. Because torture is against the law."

Ventura on former President George W. Bush: "the worst president of my lifetime. Barack Obama inherited something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy."
- Mark

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