Thursday, April 9, 2009


Sean Hannity's been bloviating about his "6 Ideas to Save America" for some time now. Click here to see them. I synopsize his proposals below, thus saving you the time and agony of having to read or listen to Hannity's incredibly uninspiring (and recycled) "ideas" ...

1. ECONOMIC RECOVERY: Depends on the novel and apparently (at least in Hannity's mind) untried policy of more tax cuts. Someone call the Nobel Committee.

2. EDUCATION: This is "No Child Left Behind" on steroids and, I presume, with the same amount of money.

3. HOUSING: What Hannity proposes calls for the state to lead the way and, apparently without Sean's knowledge, is already going on under the bailout proposal.

4. ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: In a few words, this is "Drill, Baby, Drill" with nukes.

5. HEALTH CARE: Did Hannity stop taking his meds? Seriously, take a look at his privatization-led proposal.

6. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: "E-Verify"? How about "E's Stupid"? Hannity needs to sit in on one of my Politics of Mexico classes. The man's clueless here.

Incredibly, aside from the little that he says about immigration, there's nothing on the international or security front. And these guys wonder why they're mired in the 30% approval level (which is not good since 25% of Americans think the earth is the center of the universe, and/or believe in UFOs).

I have more commentary, but I have to get some rest for a long day tomorrow.

- Mark

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