Friday, July 25, 2008


This is not new, but now it's official - FOX News is the Bush administration's mouthpiece. Here's former Bush White House spokesperson Scott McClellan's in his own words ...

Several points were made in this clip.

1. There's a difference between using "friendly" reporters and columnists and having an entire network doing your bidding. FOX does the bidding of the Republican Party and Bush's White House.

2. Don't lie. As Rachel Maddow from Air America points out, if you're slanted acknowledge it (as Air America does). And for Pete's sake, don't post "Fair and Balanced" when you know it's a lie.

3. Don't make up commentary as if you came up with new and "objective" information on your own. As Rachel Maddow points out, "If you get a statement from the White House say [We] got a statement from the White House."

Finally, Rachel Maddow makes it clear that using FOX News like this is blatant propaganda, and against the law ... Not that this matters to the Bush administration.

- Mark

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