Wednesday, February 27, 2019


I haven't been able to watch the entire testimony, but this is what I have from what I've seen so far ...

The Democrats are looking for information and evidence. Republicans are all about character assassination. It's about killing the messenger. 

What the Republicans have achieved so far is making it clear that Trump employed a guy to regularly lie for him, and to commit crimes on his behalf. I'm not sure that's a good thing.

If we're going to follow the line of thinking from congressional Republicans questions, any mob boss who testifies in a mob case is NOT credible because of their previous lies and crimes. This blows up almost every criminal trial against the mob in America. 

The GOP's "liar, liar, pants on fire" logic, while passionate and politically distracting, is built around a legal absurdity if we want to go after the mob again.

Big point. No Republican is trying to defend Trump on ethical or substantive grounds.

Cohen: "The more people who blindly follow Trump, the more will end up where I'm at now." Wow.

Cohen's already convicted, and has nothing to gain by lying now.

Either Trump knew about Russia and other illegalities committed by his team, or he's a complete idiot.

Trump knew about and directed rigged 'bot' polls before the elections.

Trump knew Roger Stone talked to Wikileaks (Julian Assange), which means he was fine with the release or dump of information that was harmful to Hillary Clinton.

Cohen: "I don't walk with my wife when I go to restaurants. I don't walk with my children." He's not testifying for his health. 

And, just in case anyone's missed this one ... Putin is grinning from ear to ear, all day long.

Thank you Donald Trump ... and let's not forget to thank our aiding and abetting Republican Party.

One more thing. Trump and this whole mess makes me want to take a shower. What a bunch of two-bit thugs.

- Mark

P.S. I forgot this one, which I posted on FB ... Responding to a question from a Democrat, Cohen looked towards Republican Rep. Gosar - who had just questioned Cohen - and said, “I did for Trump, what you’re doing now, protecting Trump."

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