Friday, July 7, 2017


Many of my regular readers have been wondering why I haven't been writing and posting at my regular clip over the past two months. There are primarily two reasons for this sudden change.

First, on a personal note, over the past two months I have been consumed with moving into a new home [happy dance], which took up all the time and energy you can imagine. To be sure, I did work with a moving company one summer, moving families up and down the state of California, so I kind of know what I'm doing when it comes to moving. Still, there's a reason why I did it just one summer. While we're still in Bakersfield, the move - along with trying to sell our home - was, and is, time consuming.

Also on a personal note, California State University Bakersfield's end of the academic year activities, grant management duties, and my son's graduation from high school all contributed to making our move, and life, more hectic than they normally are during this time.

The second reason, is a bit more complex, but important nonetheless.

Simply put, keeping up with President Trump's parade of stupidities is exhausting.

While I am a political scientist, and have a pretty good understanding of what's happening, I am also an American whose bounds of sanity have been tested trying to understand and normalize the activities of a man who appears to be a syphilitic lunatic. Yeah, I said it. Donald Trump's a lunatic.

Bluntly spoken, trying to follow or track Trump daily is not healthy because he brings such a toxic spirit to our world. As I've pointed out before, it's like watching a child play with a loaded gun. Choosing between trying to focus on our move, our end of the academic year activities, my son's graduation (and pending move to college), and trying to keep up with our off-the-rails president wasn't difficult.

My plan is to start posting on a more normal schedule after today.

Thanks for indulging my choice(s).

- Mark

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Unknown said...

I hope your move went well! I'm happy you'll be blogging more frequently again.