Monday, November 7, 2016


It's 10:23 am Monday, on Nov. 7 - the day before the presidential election - and this is what election map projections, and trends, are looking like from Nate Silver at ...



Then we have the electoral road map from the UK's Independent, which lays out what needs to happen for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to win the presidency ... 

Long story short, if the trends hold, Hillary's 82.7% chance of winning in Virginia (13 electoral college votes), coupled with her 74.5% chance of winning Colorado (9 ECV) and 53.6% chance of winning Nevada (6 ECV) give her 285 electoral college votes (270 needed to win), and the presidency ... and this is without winning Ohio (18 ECV) or Florida (29 ECV). 

One more thing. According to Nate Silver's site, Hillary's projected to win Florida (29 ECV)  and North Carolina (15 ECV).

- Mark

Addendum: One other thing, "the market" (i.e. assorted online gambling sites) has increased Hillary's chances of winning since last week, and is now giving her 2/9 odds of winning (81.8%), which leaves Trump with 9/2 odds, or a little over an 18% of winning the election.

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