Monday, October 24, 2016


Are you tired of hearing all the anecdotal evidence coming from people who are suddenly paying higher health insurance premiums? If so, you might want to remind them why their policies may have been so cheap in the past.

Think about it.

Before Obamacare you could be rejected for treatment if you had a pre-existing condition, even if you were all paid up for your health insurance premiums.

How silly were pre-existing conditions? Pretty silly. Actually, they were pretty bad.

In many states a woman that was sent to the hospital because they got beat up by their husband could be denied health coverage. The thinking was if they had previously been beaten up by their spouse statistics show they are more likely to be beaten up again. Ergo, they should have known better, which made their subsequent injuries a product of a pre-existing condition.

So, yeah, spousal abuse could be grounds for denying health coverage to women.

What about those yearly or lifetime limits? If you had a crummy policy - and many Americans did before Obamacare - many people found themselves in situations where the insurance company simply said, "Too bad, your yearly (or lifetime) limit has been reached. We're not paying any more."

The good deal they once thought they had (on the premium side) was actually a bad deal (on the coverage side).

Here's the real fun part. The same idiots who are complaining about Obamacare costing too much were/are the same idiots who complained (or would have complained) because they were denied coverage, forced out of the hospital, or forced into bankruptcy because their coverage was either limited or maxed out. There's more (like yearly rebates under Obamacare) but you get the point.

Think about this the next time your friend tells you they don't like Obamacare.

- Mark 

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