Saturday, August 20, 2016


I wrote about this issue last year, but it needs to be repeated. It especially needs to be repeated because supporters of Donald Trump and the GOP need to be slapped in the face with this reality: Trump and his Republican inspired policies will take us back to a place that Will Not Make America Great Again.

As a reminder, this is where we were 7 years ago ...
* The stock market had crashed, and was heading towards Great Depression territory. 
* Wall Street was begging for protection, and were black mailing the nation for trillions in bailouts (which they eventually got).  
* The real estate market had crashed, and millions of people ended up losing their homes.  
* The banking system was in disarray, and on the verge of collapse. 
* The Federal Reserve and all the market experts were naively "shocked" by market events (as if reckless deregulation, lax oversight, and cheap money weren't a clue). 
* Unemployment was above 7% and heading higher. 
* Our multi-trillion dollar war debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan were going strong.  
* President Bush, who had inherited multi-billion dollar budget surpluses, was leaving President Obama built-in $1.4 trillion budget deficits. 
Now throw in the fact that the Republican party has done everything they can to block and stonewall virtually every major piece of legislation that President Obama has pushed or embraced; as if what they did the last time they were in control was a good thing.

Here's the point I'm trying to make. According to virtually every economic indicator, things are better today than they were when President Bush left office. Take a look ...

In spite of this, Donald Trump and his supporters speak as if President Obama did absolutely nothing to clean up his predecessors mess. Worse, they speak as if America is worse off than it was 7 years ago. 

Watching adults embrace this kind of delusion is not healthy. More to the point, embracing this kind of thinking, as Donald Trump's supporters do, tells us they may be mental.

So, no, you should not engage Trump's supporters in a political debate, as if what they have to tell you is of any value. You can't argue with people who won't accept facts. Indulging delusional thinking adds nothing to your life, or the value of America. It's simply not worth it.

The fact that millions of Republicans don't understand any of this says much about the GOP, and the state of our nation.

- Mark


Anonymous said...

still got your liberal head up your ass! Remember Dems controlled the Sen and House for many years and they would even help Ovomit!

Sheets46 said...

about one year right MARK, not that long as I remember.

Anonymous said...

Right. For "many years".

Except that Republicans controlled the House (the purse strings) for all but 2 (of 14) Congresses from 1995 to 2016. And in the Senate Democrats controlled that house for only 4 of those same sessions, none one with a filibuster-proof majority.

How much more might President Barack Obama have been able to accomplish had he not been deliberately and traitorously blocked and sabotaged Every. Single. Fucking. Step. along the way by the party of bigots, assholes and lunatics?