Tuesday, June 7, 2016


It's primary night again. For those of you in the Kern County region, I will be on KGET 17 tonight (5 pm) discussing the primaries with the 17 News Team and Republican Cathy Abernathy. It should be fun, as usual.

I'll try and post a link of our discussion later in the evening.

Also, let's keep in mind that while the pundits and major networks have already called the Democratic nomination for Hillary, the fact of the matter is if Hillary and Bernie split the 694 delegates up for grabs today (again, leaving out the Superdelegates who don't vote until the national convention) Hillary Clinton still does not have enough delegates to sew up the nomination. 

In fact, Hillary can win 2/3 of the total delegate count today (458 delegates) and she will still not have enough from the long primary season to sew up the nomination (she has 1812, and needs 2,382 to win). Specifically, she will be more than a 100 delegates shy of the nomination.

The only way Hillary becomes the "presumptive nominee" after today is if the media simply gifts the Democratic Superdelegates to her, as some of the major networks have done already.

The problem with this gift - apart from the blatant bias - is that many "Hillary Delegates" have made it clear they might not support her if they are not convinced she can win in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, where she's in a tight race with Donald Trump (Sanders is far ahead of Trump in those 3 states).

What this means is that Hillary Clinton needs a convincing win today in California, plus knock out wins in the remaining states, to lock up the nomination. While this is a possibility, it is by no means a done deal. 

We'll be discussing this, and more, on tonight's program.

- Mark

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