Thursday, April 21, 2016


John Maynard Keynes, the man who saved capitalism, died 70 years ago (4-21-1946).

Planned Parenthood gunman opposed abortion and the selling of baby parts ... dreamed of meeting aborted fetuses in heaven, who would thank him (Reuters).

Groupies for hire! (fainting on cue costs extra) (Ozy).

The mental disease of late-stage capitalism (Medium).

Atheist Mom forced into court-ordered Christian counseling (Patheos).


Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's office puts out Spanish voter guide with wrong registration deadline (days after the real deadline). Effectively says, "Oops, my bad" (TPM).

California Counts: Project aims to pair U.S. citizens with immigrants to vote 'together' (SCPR).

Black and Latina girls walk off soccer field after whites chant 'Donald Trump, build that wall' (Raw Story).

The simple truth about Creationists: They're too stupid to understand science (Forward Progressives).

This is why Bakersfield is so great ... Sikh-American teenager who wrote bullying book forced to remove turban at Bakersfield's Meadows Field (Mic).

TEXAS, PLEASE LEAVE ... AND TAKE HIM WITH YOU The time Ted Cruz defended a ban on dildos (Mother Jones).

An open letter to Texas: Please, f**king secede already (The Daily Banter).

THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW Disturbing new evidence about what common pesticides can do to brains (Mother Jones).

The really big one: An earthquake will destroy a sizable portion of the coastal Northwest. The question is when (The New Yorker).

The secret shame of middle-class Americans: Nearly half of Americans would have trouble finding $400 to pay for an emergency. I'm one of them (The Atlantic).

Sponsor of anti-LGBT "Bathroom Bill" caught sexually harassing 34 women, exiled from capitol building (Occupy Democrats).

Republican staffer quit because colleagues were 'giddy' about voter ID laws preventing votes (Daily Kos).

WELL, THIS IS GOOD Here's what happened when a group of scientists went to confront their congressional tormentors (Huffington Post).

Panama Papers: U.S. launches criminal inquiry into tax avoidance claims (The Guardian).

Joe Walsh nixes concert after GOP ties revealed (Rolling Stone).


Elizabeth Báthory: History's most prolific female serial killer (Ozy).
Christians want to start World War III ... to force Second Coming (Washington Blog).
History's most sadistic serial killer (Ozy).

Economist tested 7 welfare programs to see if they made people lazy. They didn't (Vox).

Watch: Terrified 'Tea Party Patriot' realizes he could lose Obamacare if GOP wins in 2016 (Raw Story).

A black man brought three forms of ID to the polls in Wisconsin. He still couldn't vote (The Nation).

Bill Gates on America's secret weapon for creating jobs (Liberals Unite).

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