Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Many are still unaware that the Syrian refugee crisis represents the largest displacement of people in our time. At least half of Syria's pre-war population is now displaced, with most fleeing to neighboring countries Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and even Iraq. 

With the GOP doing their level best to use the Syrian refugee crisis to become America's racial and religious gate-keepers (once again) it's time to wipe away the hypocrisy from the Republicans "all lives matter" claim.

I've posted on the GOP's hypocritical pro-life position before, but it needs to be brought up once more since the GOP is turning their back on human life, again.

Specifically, if you have a "pro-life" friend, who likes talking about how they support the sanctity of life, you might want to ask them the following:

1. Do you support torture? 
2. Do you support the death penalty?  
3. Do you oppose euthanasia for the terminally ill?  
4. Do you believe that over 100,000 civilians killed (as collateral damage) in a reckless war of choice is justified?
If they answer yes to one or all of these questions - and they are opposed to letting any Syrian refugees into the U.S. - they do not appreciate the sanctity of life, and are not pro-life. They're pro-something, but it's definitely not pro-life. 

Seriously. How does turning a blind eye to torture, state sanctioned murder, human suffering, and mindless death make you a defender of the sanctity of life? How about those who say they are pro-life but who also work to deny food and health care to children and the working poor?


There's more, but you get the point. Many in the pro-life crowd have a demented vision of human dignity, and don't really appreciate the sanctity of life. 

- Mark

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