Thursday, October 8, 2015


For those of you wondering why I haven't posted anything on Rep. Kevin McCarthy's decision not to seek the Speakership, know that I've been busy with class, office hours, and assorted media requests this afternoon. However, also know that I will be on our local Bakersfield KGET 17 News program this evening.

I'll be discussing Rep. McCarthy's decision with Republican strategist Cathy Abernathy at 5 pm.

For the record, the initial announcements of Rep. McCarthy not wanting to put his family through the process over the next few weeks - or that he wants to be a uniter within the Republican Party - doesn't fit the Kevin McCarthy trajectory, or the larger political story line.

In a few words, Rep. McCarthy was stabbed in the back by his colleagues on the far right. The worst part of it, for Rep. McCarthy, is that he helped many of these same colleagues get to Congress. It's almost Shakespearean. Why they did it is very simple. Some of you already know what I'm talking about. Why Rep. McCarty acquiesced is pretty simple too. Tune in to 17 News tonight for details.

I'll try and post on the topic tomorrow as well.

- Mark

Addendum: Click here for the KGET 17 segment of our morning discussion Fast forward to 6:00 in the clip for our discussion, and 4:00 for beginning of the fun stuff.

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Raymond Gonzales said...


Could it be that some of those Conservatives knew about Kevin's affair, and decided he was "untrustable?"