Friday, December 12, 2014


Amazon's frightening CIA partnership: Capitalism, corporations and our massive new surveillance state (Salon).

What a surprise ... The Bible Belt is the porn belt of America(Patheos).

22 photos that prove 2014 is the future (Buzzfeed).

How former Nixon operative Roger Ailes built the Fox News fear factory (Rolling Stone).

100% death rate for baby whales along West Coast - 'Alarm bells starting to ring ...' (ENews).

Extinction rate rivals that of dinosaurs, 2014 likely hottest year ever (Truth Out).

8 big lies history books tell about Native-Americans (Indian Country).

Hitler's inspiration and guide: The Native-American holocaust (Jewish Journal).

America scores again ... Hitler studied America's eugenics past, praised the leading authors of books on eugenics, and applied what the U.S. did to Native-Americans to the Jews during WWII (The Guardian).

Eugenics and the Nazis -- The California connection (SF Gate).

ROUBINI: The Mother of All Asset Bubbles will burst in 2016 (Business Insider).

And, from the guys who didn't see it coming in 2008: 'It ain't a bubble yet' (Business Insider).

MAYBE MARX & LENIN WERE RIGHT (Yeah, I'm going there)
With outsourcing and productivity gains going to executives rather than to labor, capitalism is no longer delivering a rising standard of living in Western Europe, North America and Japan (Truth Out).

As hourly wages barely rise, CEOs receive lavish salary increases (Buzz Flash).

This is why the middle class can't get ahead ... and yes, it's tied to wage law and favorable legislation which has legally transferred trillions from workers to business owners/corporations (PBS).

The biggest hypocrites of 2014: Favorable legislation allows these "Me-First Entitlement Hounds" to suck off of the state, while complaining about the state (Truth Out).

Houston police chief indicates it may be time for marijuana use to be legalized not only in Texas but across the country (Click2Houston).

Outrageous forced arbitration decision: Consumer has to arbitrate case involving home invasion and severe beating (Public Justice).

Albuquerque police officer with a history of "malfunctioning" camera incidents shoots and kills 19-year old during another camera malfunctions. He's finally fired for "insubordination" (Free Thought Project / Albuquerque Journal).

Want to know where your tax dollar goes? Open this site and put down your income (White House).

This is how much money we lose each year to corporations and individuals who lower their tax bill by doing any number of activities that grant them a tax write-off (Government Accounting Office)?

Creationism is just the start: How right-wing Christians are warping America's schools (Salon).

Benefit of Obamacare: More people can work less (Truth Out).

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