Monday, September 15, 2014


The bankruptcy of Detroit and the division of America (Robert Reich / Bill Moyers).

Scalia's utter moral failure: How he destroys any claim to a superior system of justice (Salon).

Obama says we are at war with ISIS (Yahoo News).

Smart Charts: Six ways to tackle inequality in America (Bill Moyers).

The American fear-mongering machine is about to scare us back to war, again (The Guardian).

The pleasant fiction of "no boots on the ground" (Truth Out).

Judge says U.S. doesn't have to reveal costs of Guantanamo's Camp 7 (McClatchy DC).

In Ferguson cops hand out 3 three warrants per household every year (Mother Jones).

How many ways can the city of Ferguson slap you with court fees? We counted (Mother Jones).

Conservative Navy Seal arrested for fabricating story about being shot by a black mob (Addicting Info).

Public school police department receives mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle (Mint Press News).

Even more jobs created, Republicans crap all over it (Blue Nation Review).

House Republicans slash funding that would help fight Ebola (Salon).

Abbot's Houston raid didn't end with arrests, but it did shut down voter registration drive (Dallas News).

Sarah Palin and family engage in drunken Alaskan brawl (Politics USA).

Commenting on Ray Rice Maryland GOP candidate says, 'How is she the victim when she began the assault?" ... 'Women want equality', Ray Rice just gave 'some of it' to his wife (The Raw Story).

Former Republican state senator, and current Arizona Republican Party vice-chair, wants to sterilize poor women on public assistance, in addition to testing them for drugs and alcohol (Crooks & LiarsPhoenix New Times).

Fox guest suggests biblical principles prevent an Ebola epidemic (News Hounds).

Religious right calls for deportation, sterilization and holy war on Muslims (Politics USA).

Sean Hannity defends Duck Dynasty's 'strong Christian' Phil Robertson's biblical belief that ISIS members should 'convert or die' (News Hounds).

Forget the bucket list: These are the things to avoid before you die (The Guardian).

Workers in Maine buy out their jobs, set an example for the nation (Truth Out).

Should we all be taking a little lithium (NY Times)?

Are we approaching the end of human history (Bill Moyers)?

How the Tea Party is causing big business to back Democrats (Mother Jones).

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