Thursday, September 11, 2014


Never forget 9/11? Here are a couple of examples of those with short memories ...

Here's Senate Republicans in 2010 forgetting to help the first responders who need medical help because of health complications associated with the Twin Towers clean up site ... "Never Forget 9/11? GOP Forgets.

Then we have the Republicans in 2012 forgetting about 9/11 when they rejected a bill (by filibustering it) that would have provided money to employ returning warriors as city police officers and fire fighters, among other positions ... Republicans Forget 9/11, Again.

United Airlines seems to have forgotten the role that lax security played in letting the 9/11 hijackers on to the planes when it outsourced gate agent jobs to companies paying near-poverty wages in 2014 ... Never Forget 9/11? In Cost Cutting Move, United Airlines Forgets.

- Mark

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