Wednesday, June 18, 2014

READING FOR THE WEEK (June 18, 2014)

Famous elephant known for tusks so large that they touched the ground killed by poachers (Daily Mail).

Response sent to university asking for money from their graduates (Blue Nation Review).

Abused Florida wife sentenced to 20 years for firing warning shot at husband after Stand Your Ground defense fails (Mail Online).

The 10 most futuristic cities in the world (Bustle).

Political polarization in America is worse today than 10 years ago (Pew Research Center).

Private wealth, public squalor: America's dilemma (Nation of Change).

Your tax dollars at work: Charitable donations that make the rich richer (Nation of Change).

Race to the bottom here we come ... CEOs to Congress: We need more under-skilled immigrant workers to take jobs Americans won't take (The Blaze).

Hospital uses executive bonus money to give workers a raise (Nation of Change).

Trader Joe's experience shows us all how Obamacare can free us from the wrong jobs (Huffington Post).

Major terrorism trial could be held in secret for first time in UK legal history (The Guardian).

Thinking it through, a federal judge reverses himself and says that the NSA can now get rid of FISA surveillance evidence "in order to protect national security programs" (Russian Times).

Year of the Whistleblower: 10 things we didn't know before Snowden leaks (Russian Times).

How much does right-wing rhetoric contribute to right-wing terrorism (Washington Post)?

One of the world's largest cellphone carriers reveals 'unprecedented and terrifying' scope of government spying (The Blaze).

7 myths about the radical Sunni advance in Iraq (Nation of Change).

Iraq, Syria and the Middle East - an essay by Tony Blair (The Office of Tony Blair).

'Blair has finally gone mad' and 'needs professional psychiatric help': London mayor ridicules ex-Prime Minister over Iraq assertions (Russian Times).

Hillary Clinton: Iraq pullout was Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's fault for failing to sign a SOFA with the White House (Daily Mail).

10 lessons from Bush's fiasco in Iraq (Daily Kos).

Superbowl 50 is right, especially since Super Bowl CXLIV would be kind of odd. Roman numerals, good riddance (Washington Post).

What kills you and your investments (Barry Ritholtz / Bloomberg View).

Why hedge funds won't make you rich (Bloomberg View).

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