Saturday, September 29, 2012


It's mid-term time for my Introduction to American Politics class. Below are a set of links to three topics that we discussed in lecture. These links are provided as a courtesy only, and designed to complement and support the reading from the text and class notes. 

Put more simply, if you have not read or taken notes, what's linked below will not help you.

Those of you not in my class can read along too ;-) 

Liberal Republic / Liberal Revolution. Look here under "Three Intertwined Developments" for the historical forces and intellectual roots behind our political and economic system. Then use them to help explain the Liberal Revolution, and the ideas behind our Constitution.

Federal Imperative / California: Creating access points and dispersing power lies at the heart of the federal principle in America. This post on fiscal federalism outlines how the U.S. works to achieve these goals by shifting and redistributing wealth. As part of our larger discussion on California in the federal system we discussed budget issues and the recall of former Gov. Gray Davis, which is discussed here.

Civil Liberties / Civil Rights: The long march to equality under the law involved challenging stereotypes that were supported by junk science and confronting issues tied to blacks, women, and labor, among other issues. Some of the issues that we discussed in class can be found here, in last 2/3 of this post.

- Mark

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