Thursday, June 28, 2012


Incredible. In a split 5-4 decision the Supreme Court - with Chief Justice John Roberts acting as the swing vote - upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). While there are many benefits (which I wrote about) that will show up over time here are several results we can all look forward to in the immediate term ...

If you're unsure what the Supreme Court's ruling means for your family situation check out this short Washington Post interactive here. It will take you all of 20 seconds ...

One thing is certain, the legacy of Chief Justice Roberts just took a turn. Following Chief Justice Roberts' concurring decision on the Arizona immigration policy, decisions like this in the future could help make him one of the most respected Supreme Court justices in our nation's history.

- Mark

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R. M. said...

I was watching CNN a few minutes after the ruling was announced and continued watching for 2 hrs. During those two hours I flipped back and forth between FOX and CNN and watch how they were covering the story.

CNN focused on how the justices came to their conclusions and what that meant for Americans, insurance companies, Democrats and Republicans. They asked people from both sides of the issue. They showed majority/minority speakers speak.

FOX stuck to "the government is raising taxes...blah blah taxes...blah blah it's a tax..." They only spoke to people against it, and only showed Boehner and Romney speak. They showed quotes on screen from politicians against it, and they were all Republicans from CA, OH, FL.

So much for Fair and Balanced