Friday, December 9, 2011


This commentary on the European Summit-Debacle - from Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge - is both succinct and spot on. This one pretty much sums it up:

"... it means that the Greek scheme of playing chicken with the Euro zone, has now been adopted by everyone else in the core."

Our (America's) political and economic challenges won't make things any better for the global economy.

Not only is history whispering in our ear, but the coming calamity doesn't appear to be on anyones radar screen. I don't know whether it's a product of people not knowing their history, or because people are still caught up in a failed free market ideology that blinds them to reality. Simply believing in free market myths does nothing for people who are desperate and out of work. Desperate people do desperate things.

Indeed, desperate people will also follow stupid people who say and do stupid things. It may take a while, but a collapsing global economy is a bigger threat than al Qaeda. Big time.

Stay tuned. Sigh ...

- Mark

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R. M. said...

I believe it’s a bit of both. There are people who, like Cain, believe they don’t need to know about “beki beki stan stan” and actually become politicians. They are the ones who don’t know their history or continue to believe history can’t repeat itself. Then there are the others who don’t believe society and technology changes how the world works. They believe the old ways are the only ways. Therefore, there is no change in the system. I believe most come from the GOP. Just look at their circle. Old, no ethnic or gender diversity, yet, the women they do have simply behave as sex symbols (used loosely) with no depth in knowledge to work at FOX and get more Bob Dole type men to watch. Also, contracts amongst themselves to never change their opinion on taxes? What are they, a political cult? Don't go to Jonestown (Republican conventions) and/or drink their Kool-aid (watching FOX).