Friday, May 6, 2011


About eight months ago - in "Corporate America's Blame Game" - I discussed how our financial services sector is busy suing each other because no one wants to accept responsibility, for anything. Well, guess what? The finger pointing in corporate America continues.

First up, we're learning that Deutsche Bank has shoved at least a billion dollars in toxic loans on to the books of the U.S. government, in the process shifting responsibility and blame on to the government for bad loans that they originated (their argument works like this, "If the government insured it, it's their fault").

Then we hear about our taxpayer bailed out banks illegally evicting military families from their homes, in the process claiming that they were both a "painful aberration" and an oversight in bank practices - ignoring how the industry created the "aberration" environment by deliberately overworking and taking shortcuts on hiring people to properly assess troubled borrowers' home loans (earning $20 billion in savings in the process).

Now we see the banks raking in billions of dollars acting as bad neighbors and slumlords because of their claim that they aren't legally responsible for maintaining their properties, in the process shoving the responsibility on to hard-to-prosecute servicers of their loans.

Making matters worse, is that all of these taxpayer bailed out parasites are hiding behind lobbyist-driven negotiations, and taxpayer funded legal infrastructures to avoid responsibility for their questionable activities.

At the end of the day we end up with one simple truth: The banks are not responsible for anything.

And the big banks wonder why America has lost faith in corporate America and in the financial services sector (only 25% of Americans trust the banks to do the right thing, a drop of 46% points).

Simply put, the banks are demonstrating that they have no sense of responsibility, shame, or irony.

They just have our money.

- Mark

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