Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Watch out Colonel Sanders. Here come the Republicans (again).

By now most of you have probably heard or seen some kind of clip about Nevada's Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, "Chickens for Checkups" Sue Lowden.

Lowden's hoping to take U.S. Senator Harry Reid's seat in Nevada. In the process of campaigning Lowden criticized President Obama's health care plan and suggested that a new health care plan might include bartering chickens for medical assistance. Apart from becoming the butt of jokes across the country, there's now a website for those of you wondering how many chickens you might need for specific medical procedures.

I bring this up because after 9/11 Republicans had a field day scoring political points every time al Qaeda said "Boo." Terror alerts climbed when politically expedient, as Americans were called upon to support President Bush and the War on Terror ... or else we might expose ourselves to evil's worse than Hitler (compare this with Rush Limbaugh's and Fox's responses to the NYC bomber).

This is where the Party of Poultry was born.

While it was politically expedient for Republicans to become Chicken Littles, and claim the sky was falling, there was one problem with their position. The party was led by a loud and vocal group of Chickenhawks.

The Chickenhawk, as you may recall, wants others to follow them down a righteous path of patriotism and war when they did little to nothing when it came their turn to serve (think "Mr. Five Deferments" Cheney).

In fact, if I know my poultry, calling on others to serve when you ran away is kind of chicken s ... well, you get the idea.

With so many problems confronting the White House when President Obama arrived, and with so many more now popping up, I'm glad to see that real world solutions are now part of the policy mix. Failed ideologies and false bravado have no place in an environment made dangerous, and toxic, by the delusions and colassal failures of the previous administration.

- Mark

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