Monday, March 24, 2008


Will Smith's I Am Legend came out for purchase last week. My son loved the movie - as did I - so I will probably end up purchasing it. If you haven't seen it, and liked Road Warrior and Dawn of the Dead, check it out.

However, the Will Smith movie that I really enjoyed was i,Robot, a futuristic look at robots who are programed to live with humans. The story turns when the robots get out of control and start killing people, something they're not supposed to be programmed to do.

It looks like a future with robots embedded into our every day lives may come about quicker than we think. Check out what DARPA has been working on.

DARPA is the acronym for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and is responsible for funding the development of new weapons technology. DARPA was developed in 1958, in response the the Soviet's launching of Sputnik in 1957. Its mission is to keep the U.S. technologically ahead of the enemy. And keep in mind that the DARPA robot video is a couple of years old.

- Mark

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