Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We know that President Bush has issued over 150 signing statements, many of which point to his intention to circumvent the will of Congress. Again, and for clarification, signing statements were originally used by presidents to comment on the importance of a piece of legislation but today are increasingly used to “explain” how the president will interpret the law he signs.

Well, President Bush just issued what could be called the Mother of All Signing Statements.

After signing into law the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act President Bush issued another signing statement, which claims: (1) the U.S. can indefinitely commit troops to fight Iraq’s civil war(s), (2) the president doesn’t really have to set up a war profiteering commission, (3) the president can disregard the ban on building permanent bases in Iraq, and (4) the U.S. can “exercise” control of Iraq’s oil resources.

After Downing Street has a pretty good synopsis (with a link to the signing statement) which you should review.

If President Bush's interpretations of legislation are allowed to stand Congress might as well as pack up and go home. 

- Mark

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