Friday, February 11, 2011


With the revelations of corruption and theft by former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his cronies one has to wonder: When will America get fed up with Wall Street's greed and incompetence and march on Wall Street like the Egyptians have on Hosni Mubarak?

Think about it. Americans were rightly pissed off after the market collapsed in 2008. But Americans were also told to calm down and endure the pain as Wall Street's lobbyists worked the halls of Congress to secure taxpayer backed bailouts and bonuses, which Wall Street clearly did not deserve.

The trillions secured for Wall Street's theft make a mockery out of the $5-8 billion the Mubarak family is reported to have stashed away over the past generation. With Wall Street still playing the same financial games, and with trillions in taxpayer backed assistance still coming down the pike for Wall Street, history will repeat itself in America.

So my question is, when the next financial collapse occurs, will Wall Street get Mubaraked?  They certainly deserve it.

Still, something tells me that there's far too many lobbyists and corporatists in Washington to make Wall Street Walk Like an Egyptian ...

- Mark

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