Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Do you have friends, either on social media or in your life, who like to claim "I didn't vote for Trump," but now want you to "give Trump a chance" out of a new found "respect for the office"?

If you're like me, you watched as they started coming out after the election; and their numbers are growing.

Worse, they're starting to become as annoying as the true believers. Check this out.

On my Facebook page there's one Trump apologist who says he doesn't support Trump, but wants everyone to get along for the sake of the nation. Let's call him Mike. According to Mike it's the only way things can "get better." Mike thinks there's been enough acrimony (which is true) and that we should come together now because President Obama is "trying to do all the damage he can on the way out" (which is not true). He's especially displeased that Americans on both sides of the political fence are "ROOTING IT ALL ON."

The horror of it all.

You're probably seeing the holes in Mike's arguments already. I did. It didn't take long. Here's my FB response to Mike's false equivalency cry for national unity.

Mike, this is why it's so hard to take what you say seriously. Explain to us how President Obama is "trying to do all the damage he can on the way out" ... 

By trying to lump President Obama and Trump together as politically destructive twins bent on damaging our Republic, you present a false equivalency under the guise of claiming to be a neutral observer. You are not above the political fray if you want people to give a borderline psycho respect. Nobody's "ROOTING IT ALL ON" from this side. We're very clear: Trump is ticking time bomb, and I'm not going to cheer him on in the name of civility. 

Here's the real problem: You want people to respect Donald Trump, while badmouthing President Obama, as if he's Trump's political equal. Yet, you ignore the years of GOP-Tea Party-Fox led obstructionism Obama had to endure. Obama now has to hand the keys to the White House over a man who put himself in the presidential orbit with his race-baiting birther stupidity. 
You want things to "get better" but don't seem to understand how this happens only if progressives take a step back and ignore how Trump's road to the White House was paved with hate, bigotry, and deceit. Good one. 

Anything else you want progressives to forget so Trump's feelings don't get hurt? 

Trump has earned all the scorn and ridicule he's receiving, and more. 

So, Mike, it's up to you to explain how Obama and Trump are opposite sides of the same coin. And, no, Mike, the GOP & Fox-led email-Benghazi BS is not the same as the Russians working to undermine America's democratic process, while installing a world class buffoon in the White House. 

Not even close.

As President-elect Trump continues to embarrass himself and our nation by runnning interference for the Russians, tweet shaming people like Arnold Schwarzengger (for no apparent reason), ignoring America's long-term national security interests, denying that he mocked the disabled, goes after Meryl Streep for effectively exercising her 1st Amendment rights, and generally making a fool out of himself with unnecessary tweets (lies) about things like a shortage of "great dresses" for his inauguration (seriously?) is not something we all should stand by and watch out of "respect for the office."

Watching a kid play with matches in a garment factory is not the adult thing to do.

The fact that Trump "apologists" (cough, cough) want us to get on the Trump bandwagon for the sake of the nation is akin to doing nothing when your child is stricken with an illness, or enabling a loved one as they fall into any number of self-destructive patterns.

This is something I'm not prepared to do.

- Mark

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