Thursday, October 9, 2014


When President Obama entered office the official unemployment rate was at 7.8%, and heading towards 9.8%. Today the official rate of unemployment is 5.9%.

You would think 5.9% - after hitting 9.8% - would be something to celebrate, right? Not so with the people at Fox News.

It turns out that - in their "Find Fault With Obama At All Costs" campaign - Fox News wants to use a different measurement tool to calculate unemployment (again). As you can imagine, they never used this method to measure unemployment with President Bush. It's called the "U-6" rate of unemployment, and includes people who are working part-time but want full-time work.

If we use the U-6 method unemployment goes up to 12 percent.

And just like that, President Obama is a jobs creating failure in the world of Fox News.

Here's one of many problems for Fox News. If we're going to use the "U-6" method to calculate unemployment people should know that George W. Bush's U-6 unemployment rate started at 7.4% and averaged about 9% during his presidency.

Worse, U-6 unemployment under President Bush was at 14.2% when he handed President Obama a collapsing economy.

And, for the Fox viewers out there, Bush's crash-tinged 14.2% is still higher than Obama's current recovery-based 12%. The math really isn't that hard.

- Mark

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