Sunday, January 19, 2014


Britain's Independence Party leader Nigel Farage is somewhat of a hero in Greece after he took to the floor of the European Parliament and lambasted Greece's Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. Criticizing Greece for essentially doing what Goldman Sachs tells them to do he told Samaras that he did not really represent the "sovereign will" of the Greek people.

After telling Prime Minister Samaras that Greece has been poorly served by Goldman Sachs Farage said: "You come here, Mr. Samaras, and tell us that you represent the 'sovereign will' of the Greek people. Well, I'm sorry, you are not in charge of Greece."

Farage then suggested that that Prime Minister Samaras change the name of his party from "New Democracy" to "No Democracy" because "Greece is now under foreign control."

Because Greece has effectively surrendered its autonomy to the big banks Farage told Samaras that Greece "can't make any decisions" because it's "been bailed out" and effectively "surrendered democracy, the thing your country invented in the first place." Taking a slap at both Greece and the European Union, Farage continued:

We are run now by big business, big banks and to the shame of Mr. Barroso big bureaucrats. 

I like it. Nigel Farage should fly to Washington so he can give the same talk to Congress, the U.S. banking industry, and to the corporate lackeys running the Federal Reserve's bail-out in perpetuity program (see herehere, here, here, here, and here). 

You can watch Nigel Farage's two and half minute speech here:

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