Friday, September 20, 2013


As expected, the Republican-led House voted 230-189 to defund Obamacare today ...

With the Senate promising to effectively do nothing with this piece of legislation - and with a guaranteed veto from President Obama - the vote is yet another example of how Kabuki Theater is now the dominant political form of Republicans in Washington.

But here's the real kicker. Even if the impossible happened, and the legislation got through the Senate and was signed by President Obama, it still wouldn't defund Obamacare. Simply stated, Medicaid expansion and the subsidies used to purchase insurance are exempt from the legislation. This portion of Obamacare is funded through "mandatory" spending provisions, which means they have permanent funding authority. What the GOP-led House is targeting are smaller parts of the law that are subject to annual appropriations.

So, yeah, with no possibility of the legislation passing, or actually defunding Obamacare, what the Republicans are doing is exponentially dumber than you think. Call it Kabuki squared.

Seriously, these people are idiots.

- Mark

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