Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Oh heck, I forgot to post this over the weekend. Still, these are great reads, especially the stuff on California history. 

A great discussion on tax avoidance: Global Tax Dodge, or Economic Boon? (NY Times).

When the majority loses ... Shareholder elections and the sham behind corporate governance (NY Times).

Brain Drain ... 120,000 professionals leave Greece amid economic crisis (Spiegel Online).

Dollar Politics ... Two-thirds of the $1.175 trillion in printed dollars is held outside of the United States. This is the equivalent of a $700 billion-plus interest-free loan to the U.S. that would cost $19 billion a year to service (Market Watch).

Has the financialization of our economy (where trading in financial instruments dominates trade in the instruments of commerce) gone too far? (New Republic).

Banks actually determined the number of victims they would have to deal with in their own foreclosure fraud (Wall Street on Parade).

Seven absurd ways the military wastes taxpayer money (Salon).

Quick responses to propaganda from the right (Forward Progressives).

Forget California's UC, CSU, and Community College system ... We have On-Line U in the works (KQED).

Amusing California history ... Charles Crocker's "spite fence" (SF Guidelines).

If you like history and railroads this Union Pacific interactive timeline is pretty cool (Union Pacific Timeline eBook).

More history (that I already posted on) ... when California determined who could have children and who would be sterilized (KCET).

Speaking of eugenics, here's how California's laws made it's way to Nazi Germany (SF Chronicle).

- Mark 

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