Friday, May 11, 2012


"Same sex couples should
be able to get married."
- Barack Obama

On Wednesday (May 9) President Obama announced that he believes same sex couples should be able to get married. It's about time. Naturally, some of the wackos came out the next day, defending the "sanctity of marriage."

Just in case someone from the family values crowd wants to have a discussion with you on the impact same sex unions might have on the institution of marriage be sure to ask them the following question: How do the actions of Newt Gingrich (serial cheater), Ted Haggard ("Spank me, I'm cured of the gay"), former RNC Chair and Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman (gay), Republican Senator David Vitter (whore monger), former Republican Senator Larry Craig (airport bathroom enthusiast), former Republican Governor Mark Sanford ("I spend Father's Day with my mistress in Argentina"), former Republican Senator John Ensign ("I do staffer's wives"), et al., contribute to the sanctity of marriage in America?

Then ask them whether some of the things in the Bible just might not be entirely consistent ...

... especially if you are a woman trying to live a healthy, fruitful, and vigorous life ...

- Mark

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