Monday, March 5, 2012


When it comes to Iran it looks like we're reaching back to the past (again) ...

As the debate over Iran heats up - and on the day same day that President Obama is to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahua - a full-page ad opposing intervention at this point was published in the Washington Post. It features former senior U.S. military and intelligence officials who argue that military action against Iran is "not only unnecessary" but "dangerous." One time chief of staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, is among the signers.

The ad was sponsored by the National Iranian American Council, and signed by the following former officials:

* Major General Paul Eaton (USA, Ret.)
* Tom Fingar, fmr. Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis
* Lt. General Robert G. Gard (USA, Ret.)
* General Joseph Hoar (USMC, Ret.)
* Brig. General John H. Johns (USA, Ret.)
* Maj. Gen Rudolph Ostovich III (USA, Ret.)
* Paul Pillar, fmr. National Intelligence Officer for the Near East and South Asia
* Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson (USA, Ret.)

If you want to know just tactical one reason why why this group might oppose going after Iran - especially with nuclear weapons - check out this clip from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

- Mark

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